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  • Reality vs. Media Depiction

    Reality vs. Media Depiction

    Hollywood screenwriters have done a terrible job of portraying Dissociative Identity Disorder, something made more all-the-more disturbing when we consider how obsessed they are by it. When looking at DID through Hollywood’s distorted lens, I see the appeal: the disorder allows for extremes of character development with personal conflict, tormented souls and almost-surreal mysteries, all…

  • Diagnosis Complexity

    Diagnosis Complexity

    For people suffering from a dissociative disorder, finding professional help is essential, but it can also feel impossible. There are so many hurdles to jump.  The first problem involves finding a professional trained to recognize and support dissociative clients. The teaching of dissociative disorders within professional establishments is severely lacking. I’ve read countless reports of…

  • Generational Trauma

    Generational Trauma

    Of all the challenges that having a mental health disorder brings, my greatest concern lies with recognizing the impact of generational (intergenerational) trauma and attempting to stop the cycle. I use the word attempt because painful feelings seem to have a mind of their own and without addressing them, they have a habit of growing…

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The Debate About Integration

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